Scented Candles by Bronze Verre are so original that in most of the cases they are unique: the fact that Bronze Verre masters the art of decorating glassware, in this particular case the DOF drinking glass, it gives our designer of the candles an incredible variety of choice for its creativity.

scented candles

scented candles by bronze verre

Bronze Verre candles are increasingly trendy in the American Market as well in the Northern Europe markets. Hundreds of consumers email directly Bronze Verre to get more products each month.

The Scents used at Bronze Verre are exclusively Premium Quality fragrances, mostly from France. Some scented candle has its fragrance from the famous french town of GRASSE, where most of the luxury parfum brands source their fragrances too.

Among our best sellers, there is the Oriental Spices, Mint Tea, Royal Jasmin and Atlas Cedar 

The percentage of fragrance used in the scented candle varies depending on client’s need. We normally use 5% of fragrance because the scents themselves are already strong and the higher percentage of scent, the quicker the wick/wax burns.

On average, our scented candles in the DOF glass have 200 gr of natural wax and around 50 hours burning time.

We occasionally use paraffin wax, depending on client’s needs.