BronzeVerre is the leading North African company specialized in the decorated glassware. This includes dishwasher safe drinking glasses, traditional Moroccan tea glasses and other tableware.

Since 2014 using its strong skills in decorated glassware, BronzeVerre has expanded to candle making.

Customer Satisfaction

Our mission: Respond to our clients’ demands by providing the highest quality at the best price and to offer the right solution in a responsive manner.

Advanced Logistics

A crucial point in the export business relates to logistics, namely the way it is managed and followed-up. We provide flexible logistics and guarantee that delivery or cancel dates are respected.

Quality Control

Before being cleared for export, each line produced at BronzeVerre has to go through 3 quality checks to ensure the clients get exactly the product they are expecting. We also integrate a set of quality benchmarks to all our testing steps available: Prop 65, dishwasher safe, microwave safe..


We believe communication is fundamental in a successful business relationship. We are committed in always replying in a very short time and in keeping you updated on the follow up. Our philosophy: no email unanswered

why Morocco

Combining Handicraft and Vision

A Strategic location

Morocco is located in the northwestern corner of the African continent, just few miles south of Spain and just across the United states, over the Atlantic. This strategic location makes Morocco an ideal business hub.

Free Trade Agreement

Morocco benefits from several free trade agreements, among them: the US FTA, the European Union Association, the EFTA, the Turkey FTA, the Arab Free Trade Zone and the Arab Countries FTA.

Political Stability

Morocco has been one of the most political stable Countries in Africa. This has allowed the economic and tourism sectors to flourish. Morocco is also one of the few Countries that have not suffered from the turmoil of the Arab Spring. Click on the links to read some of the positive articles on Morocco’s stability  here and here.

Fast transportations

Its strategic geographical position also benefits from an excellent transportation system. A seven-day maritime route between Tangier and the USA, a 3-day drive to any EU Country and the strong presence of the  Tanger Med Port currently in operation.


decorated glasses per year


candles per day




Countries served


The numerous techniques we employ enable us to offer a broad and flexible range of designs

One of our strongest competitive advantage is that we can mix up to 5 different techniques on a single item

Hand painting

this technique is used for coloring glasses and bigger items such as vases, bottles. For example: floral designs.

Relief finishing

Most of the designs are flat, but we also offer the possibility of having the outer layer appear embossed in many colors including gold and silver.

Finto Pantografo

After long months of testing we succeeded to obtain the same effect as in “pantograph finishing” developed by the major Italian manufacturers.


We color the glass using the best quality organic colors purchased from Italy and Germany with a dishwasher safe guarantee.


Hand cutting

Our glass maestros master the art of hand cutting by using diamond wheels to give a very high-end and detailed finish

Silkscreen printing

We use this technique to make printed designs or logos for promotional items.

Artisanal printing

For some very specific designs we still provide manual printing to obtain the artistic quality desired.


Because we thrive to achieve long-lasting, Win-win relationships

Production capacity

Our equipment includes several machines, oven tunnels, a dedicated team for hand made articles and a stock of the best selling items always available. We can therefore satisfy any need starting with a relatively low MOQ.


The value perception is what makes the difference for the consumer. We believe that both company and clients/retailers have to collaborate to find the best possible output even when it requires several tests. We can offer high-end hand painted articles and also more industrialized items with a hand-made touch.

Unlimited designs

With such a wide range of techniques mastered, our designs possibilities are virtually limitless. You can provide us with a picture of any pattern or idea, and our in-house graphic designer will develop a series of unique and custom made designs. Just share your thoughts and vision with us.

amrani family


Despite our large production capacity, we can provide smaller orders especially in the early stages of the business relationship. This flexibility enables us to make tests on various products and designs in order to develop together a range of “carry on” items.


From the manufacturing process, to the administrative side, to the offers we make to our clients, it is all about details of care and follow up. We always thrive to improve and learn from our 25 year strong experience


We work with several major American and European retailers as well as worldwide. For privacy reason we do not share our client list, but should you need some references, we will provide you with some names after we get their approval.

On February 2017 we will be at Frankfurt Messe “Ambiente”. Come say hello to our stand Hall 10.1 – C80

We will showcase brand new collections and this year we will include marvellous decorated VASES !

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